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Healthy Snack Ideas

These are some quick suggestions from our readers about some healthy snack ideas!


Christine Kreitler Euker

During the summer we all LOVE going out to the garden to get a bunch of fresh veggies and some fruit. Then we make all kinds of creative things out of the veggies and fruit for snacks. Like for the Woodstock anniversary, we made peace signs and music notes with veggies and then had them for a picnic lunch. It's great because my daughter who is 2 helps us plant them, water them and then pick and eat them! What a great JOB well done!!

Helga McCullough

Every morning, my 5 year old and 2 year old go out to the coop and collect chicken and duck eggs. We then hard boil them for snacks or cook them for breakfast or use them in recipes. We love knowing all our eggs come from free-range, happy, healthy chickens and ducks. They are part of the family :) 

Kristen Dellasega

We also let the kids pick strawberries from the local strawberry patch and then whirl 'em up with the hand blender and add to fresh water and lemon juice for a low sugar strawberry easy and delish! 

Gina Wilhelm Bittner

When we plant our garden, we section off part of it for our son. He chooses what to plant, where to plant it, etc. and then he weeds and waters 'his garden' all summer. When his crops are ready to harvest, he goes out to choose what veggie we should have for supper and brings it in himself...sure makes a five year old LOVE vegetables and makes for many proud moments!

Pumpkin Seeds

When you're finished playing with the seeds (assuming they haven't traveled too far from the bowl or gotten too dirty!), wash them and remove all the pulp from them.  Preheat the oven at 350 degrees and dry the seeds on a paper towel.  Spray a baking sheet with cooking spray or sprinkle with olive oil or vegetable oil in an even layer.  Spread the seeds on the sheet in one layer, and bake for 10-20 minutes, or until the seeds are golden brown. Sprinkle with a little salt or other spices and serve!

Do you have any other ideas?  Let us know!