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Here are some great tips from fans about ways to create a mini vacation for your family!

Lara Oyler Garner

As a kid, my mom didn't have a lot of money for a lot of large vacations. But she did value family time. She would just get a hotel room, in town, for one night. We'd order pizza to the room, go swimming in the hotel pool, and not have to make our beds. Frankly, they're some of my FAVORITE childhood memories.

I've started the same tradition with my family. With some of the internet sites, last minute one night stays can be well under $100 dollars. (Plus, Mommy's stress level is VERY low!) Anyway, it's not about the place, or the's about the memories. 

Melissa A Bugaj

We live near the Appalachian Trail. On the weekends, when we are all together, we love to make trail mix, fill our snack cups and water bottles (Elmo and Spidey to be exact :)  ). We then go to our favorite part of the trail, enter into its beauty and take LOTS of pictures, collect lots of fun things to identify when we get home (such as leaves, mushrooms, acorns). We also see how much wildlife we can see or hear while we walk together with hands held, laughter ringing loud and songs being sung. It is one of our most favorite kind of days with our 3 year old and 19 month old!

Tara N. Edwards

This may not sound like much but to us it was the world. My eldest brother lives in Boston with 3 of his girls. They have never met my 17 month old and only met my 3 year old once when he was 5 months. Never have all the grand kids been together. Well, they came down last week and his other daughter (who lives in Mississippi) came too. We had all 9 grandkids together and all their parents here. They arrived a Friday night and we spent just about every waking hour together as a family of 17 (my parents were included of course) for 3 amazing days! We didn't "get away" persay but did because we got lost in each other as a family.

Mike Salloum

Sometimes we get in our blanket cars and I put a DVD on the projector and we pretend to go to the drive-in movies, very magical.

Ana Eugenio Fontoura

This may be the shortest "mini vacation" ever but it works for us every time! When we as parents need a break, (especially after a long stressful day) or if our 5 year old Gracie needs a break, we all grab a popsicle (favorite colors are important!) and sit out on the porch to talk about our day. Favorite part so far, worse/saddest part so far, hopes and dreams. It's a great 15 minute getaway!

Suzanne Santos Costner

We all say "no" so much as parents, sometimes the best way to have a mini-vacation is just to start saying yes. You want to go to the Zoo? Yes! Let's go right now! You want ice cream for lunch, yes, strawberry or chocolate? Spend all day out and say yes to some stuff you want to do too! Take silly pictures and make silly faces, and end the night camped out on the floor of the family room. Life is short, say yes!

We hope you can find the time to find time for yourself!