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Sunscreen and Safety

Yesterday was a HOT day here in NYC, and it got us thinking... sunscreen is SO important to keep us safe while we enjoy the hot weather.  However, many sunscreens contain chemicals (such as oxybenzone) that can cause all kinds of problems, such as cancer, reproduction problems, allergies, developmental delays, and much more.

For example, the President’s Cancer Panel announced its findings in a 200-page document that the chemicals we find in an ENORMOUS number of common household objects and foods are directly related to cancer.  This is groundbreaking, since the government is acknowledging that we need to begin to use these everyday chemicals with caution - they even strongly encourage eating organic foods.

So how can you protect yourself from the sun AND the sunscreen?  Easy! There are a few really great sites that break down the best and worst brands of sun screen (and tons of other skin products!)

We like The Cosmetics Database: - it not only rates products by hazard levels, but it also explains what problems specific chemicals found in the products are related to.  Remember: our skin absorbs the things we put on it into our bloodstreams!

Brands such as Badger, California Baby, and Goddess Garden are both strong and safe, with hazard ratings of 1 out of 10, respectively.  (Most commonly known sunscreen brands rate in the 7-10 hazard rate - enormous for something we use so often!)

If you have any more info about safe skin products and sunscreen that you'd like to share, tell us about it!