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Obstacle Course

Throw on some music and get ready to race!  It's easy to make a fun obstacle course at home, and it's a great way to create an exciting indoor activity for these chilly months!

Here's what you need to do:

1) Pick a space

The bigger, the better!  Living rooms and playrooms are perfect.  Make sure you clear away any items that could be bumped or stepped on before you start, and be sure the space is safe!  Setting up pillows near corners or couch feet is a good idea.

2) Gather supplies!

Some good obstacle course items include:

  • couch pillows
  • hula hoops
  • trampolines (the small ones!)
  • batons/hockey sticks/baseball bats/other types of long sticks
  • small tables
  • jump rope
  • several pieces of newspaper
  • beanbags or stuffed animals
  • stop watch

3) Set up the events!

You can get VERY creative with your course, but here are a few suggestions:

  • Stagger 4-5 couch pillows in front of each other, and jump from one to the other.  
  • You can make special rules like if you fall off or touch the ground, you have to start over.
  • You can also use couch pillows to make a tunnel - use 3 pillows to make 2 walls and a roof, and try to go under it without knocking it over - if you do, you have to set it back up and start over!
  • Hula hoops can either be placed on the floor in front of each other, and the course-runner can jump into each, or a helper can hold them sideways and the course-runner can crawl through them.
  • Trampolines - have the course-runner jump 15 times on the trampoline (try it on one leg, or alternating!) Have a helper hold your hockey stick (or other long stick) low to the ground, and have the course-runner either jump over it or LIMBO under it.
  • The course runner should shimmy/army-crawl under the table - for more fun, cover it with a blanket to make an enclosed tunnel.
  • Have the course runner walk a short distance using the 3 pieces of newspaper - he or she must always step on a piece of newspaper, so to move forward, he or she must pick up the last paper stepped on and place it in front of his or her feet.  (This one can get VERY silly!)
  • Place beanbags or soft stuffed animals in a line, and have the course runner weave in and out!

4) Explain the rules

Let everyone know what's allowed and be sure to have a grown-up around to make sure everything is safe.  You can have your grown-up time you to see how long it takes, or just practice using your body in different ways.

5) Variations!

Make it a more fun team-effort by creating a relay (when one course-runner is done, pass a "baton" to the next person.  You even can have your grown-up time you and try to beat your collective time!)

Last week, Laurie's daughter Lucy made a course for her doll using things like straws, measuring cups, and rubber bands.  You can try this with stuffed animals or action figures - why not even try mimicking your own course in miniature?

Have fun, and remember to be sure everything is safe before you start!