Lullaby Album


You've been asking for this for many years... and it's finally happening!

I'm making a lullaby album!

It will feature a mix of new songs and old favorites, as well as some traditional lullabies. I am trying to create an album that can be enjoyed as a family, or left on as a cozy companion while falling asleep.

And for the first time ever, I've decided to create it through a Kickstarter Campaign!
This means I can have a DIRECT line of communication with all of you while I make this album!

What does that mean?
Kickstarter gives me the opportunity to give back to my fans! When you donate, you will receive very cool rewards, like:

  •     Weekly video journal about making the album
  •     Pre-release copy of the album
  •     Sing on the album
  •     Your child's artwork on the album
  •     Personalized, autographed merchandise - including the album
  •     School visits
  •     Private concerts
  •     And much more!

The campaign will go live on

September 17th!

Want to help make this campaign even cooler?

Respond to this email with your ideas for rewards, and I'll do my best to include them as part of the campaign!

Love, Laurie