Quick Recycling Craft

We asked our Facebook Fan Page for some quick and fun ideas for crafts that recycle old materials - and the ideas are inspiring, fun, and very entertaining!  Check out our Fan Page for more great ideas!

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Make a Valentines (or Anytime) Mailbox!

Fun mailboxes are great for the whole family!  Make one for your family, or create a different one for each family member. Then, leave each other special notes and little goodies to say "I love you" or "I'm thinking about you!"

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Mmmm... pumpkins.  We really love pumpkins.  There are so many things you can do with them!  They smell good (don't they remind you of all the yummy things about autumn?!), they taste good (Pumpkin pie... need we say more?), they look good, and they even FEEL good (that pulp is pretty fun, huh?).

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Quick Ideas For a Rainy Day

Spending the day indoors on a rainy day, especially for VERY young children, can be tough!  Here are a few around-the-house activities you can whip up in a jiff to brighten your day.

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Homemade Toys

Making homemade toys saves money, reuses resources, teaches kids about how good it feels to make something yourself, and leaves you with a totally cool product! Your responses were awesome, and we hope you all can use some of these ideas to get inspired to make your own toys!

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