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Sun 1.21.18, 11:00AMLaurie Berkner LIVE! The Greatest Hits Solo TourOwings Mills, MDSun 1.21.18, 3:00PMLaurie Berkner LIVE! The Greatest Hits Solo TourOwings Mills, MDSun 1.28.18, 3:00PMLaurie Berkner LIVE! The Greatest Hits Solo TourHuntington, NYSat 3.3.18, 11:00AMLaurie Berkner LIVE! The Greatest Hits Solo TourPeoria, ILSat 4.21.18, 11:00AMLaurie Berkner LIVE! The Greatest Hits Solo TourSaratoga Springs, NY

Laurie's Guitars

In a Facebook contest, Libby Lindgren Koch said:
We would love to know more details about your personal instruments. My 3 year old keeps asking me how many guitars Laurie has. I would love to 
be able to tell him all about them.

blog LBGuitars LBBlueG

Laurie has been a musician for most of her life, and she has had a number of instruments throughout the years.


Currently, she has four guitars that she records with and/or plays for the LBB's live shows

The Gear

Keeping a guitar safe and functional takes a lot of gear, maintenance, and attention!


Laurie and the band all have very sturdy, comfortable cases for their instruments. Because we travel with them so much, they must be able to protect the instruments and feel good to carry for long periods of time.

blog LBGuitars BrownGtrCase

One of Laurie's Reunion Blues guitar cases

blog LBGuitars OpenCaseBlueGuitar

The Blue Guitar fits snugly inside


Guitar strings break often, so Laurie always travels with lots (and lots... and LOTS) of back-up strings in case one breaks before or during a show. Laurie likes to use phosphor bronze lights.

blog LBGuitars BagofStrings

A bag filled with back-up strings that stays in one of the gig bags (you can see it is nestled between Adam's alligator and Susie's lion!)

blog LBGuitars AnotherBagOfStrings

Another bag with even more back-up strings


In order to make Laurie's guitar loud enough for all the people who come see shows, she must plug the guitar into a sound system so the music comes out of speakers. Although she has a wireless system for most shows, we always bring a back-up cable!


There are MANY different types of tuners (to make sure the strings all sound right). Laurie travels with a few different kinds. We have one that plugs into the guitar, several that pick up the notes when a string is plucked, and one that plays the correct notes when you blow into it.


This is a device used to shorten the strings and therefore raise the pitch. Laurie uses a capo for some of her songs.

blog LBGuitars pitchpipecable

Pitch pipe, cable, and capo (small metal piece)

blog LBGuitars DifferentKindOfCapo

Another cable, more strings, a different kind of capo, and a tuner


The wood that a guitar's body is made out of is very vulnerable to the humidity in the air. It's important to keep the guitar at a steady humidity. Laurie uses a simple guitar humidifier called a Damp-It, made from a small sponge that sits inside the guitar to keep the wood from drying out.

Fast Fret

This is a cleaner for strings. Guitar strings often get "gunked up" after being played for a while, which can slow the musician's ability to move his or her hands along the fretboard and dull the sound of the strings.

blog LBGuitars FastFret

The end of the wooden part is rubbed along the strings and then wiped clean with the small cloth to the left


We travel with a little fish-shaped case filled with picks. Picks are held in the guitar player's hand and used to pluck the strings for a much louder strum. Laurie likes the blue ones you see coming out of the case. They are dunlop tortex standard picks, 1.0mm

Nail clippers/file

Laurie needs to keep her hands in good condition to play the guitar the best she can. She always travels with a nail file and clippers to keep her nails nice and short so she can move her fingers easily along the fretboard.

blog LBGuitars PicksFishPouchNailFile

Picks in the fish pouch and a nail file

There are many other accessories that guitar players use to keep their instruments in good condition and sounding their best. Laurie LOVES her guitars and treats them with a lot of respect. Do YOU play any instruments?