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The Great Things Your Kids Say

Here's another great round of fun things from the mouths of babes. Send us your favorite quote to our Facebook Fan Page!

Mary Jennings Hoyt

While being tucked in: "I have so much to think about. Like how am I going to get everything done? I need to get married, have kids, have a job, take ballet, and move around to live with you where ever you live. (Deep sigh.)" - Vanessa age 4

Christine E. Smith

Me (joking): I'm the greatest mom in the world! My five year old daughter: Don't say that mommy. You'll make all the other mommies feel bad! ♥

Shellee Wilson

While shopping for upholstery cleaner at Target my 3 year old, Georgia asks "What are you looking for?" Me: Upholstery cleaner for all of the stains on my favorite chair. Georgia says "You need the power of Oxi-Clean"

Chris Robichaud Roth

My 5 year old was drawing on her easel with crayons and colored pencils. I walked by and asked "Oh, wow, is that a cactus?" and she replied with distain "No Mama, it's an ABSTRACT!"

Martha D. Heidel

Isabell: I'm not happy. Me: I'm sorry Sweetie. Do you want some hot dogs? Isabell ~whispers to her Wubbzy doll & then says to me: YES Please!! * I know this isn't much but she has Autism & was completly non-verbal until she was 3 (she's now 5). With her telling us she's not happy, it's like moving mountains.*

Shannon Licker Gaghan

Our 3 year old daughter has an uncanny knack for making huge messes so the one day I said, "Jillian, you're a big old messy mess." To which she replied, "I know Mommy, I can make water sticky!"

Julie Hartgrove

My son (3) when asked if he was "break dancing" informed me that he did not break dancing, he fixed it :-)

Cecelia Walsh

Putting Lizzy on the bus my husband tells the driver and aid, "I've got to go to work and make money so I can get rich". The driver and aid both said that they also wanted to get rich. Lizzy says, "I'm already rich".

Melissa A Bugaj

Our 3 yo girl: (best whiny voice she can muster): MAAAAAAAAAAAAAMAAAAAA, I need help.
Our 5 yo boy's response to his sister: Mama doesn't speak whine, Maggie, try again.

Amanda Briggs

Went to Walgreens yesterday with my 3&4 year olds. My three year old daughter said "what is this place?" I answered "Walgreens." she says "whaaatttt?" this goes on several times, walgreens, what, walgreens, what....finally my four year old son says "SIS! It's The Great WALgreens of China!! Understand now???" to which she responds, "Oh, walgreens?" lol!!! ;)

Betsy Arndt

My 3 year old gave us a good laugh with this one- she tooted and said "Mama, I just ran out of gas."

Karri Martin Kennedy

My 3 year old son, Landon, is a slow eater. This morning he was taking a longer time than usual to finish his breakfast. I kept prompting him to finish his banana. He finally looked at me and said in a very calm voice,"Mommy, my banana is stressing me out."

Dottie Umlor Landis

Just before Valentines Day, my 4 year old warned me, "Don't let that baby shoot you, or you'll get in love"!

Kiley Fair

Me: "Emma, please clean up the playroom". Emma: "where am I going to put all this stuff? Its such a mess!" Me: "you'll find a place, just get it off the floor"....20 minutes later I walk downstairs to find that she'd taped the toys to the wall.

Amanda Urie

Wouldn't do what they say, but what they do! My 3 year old son covered himself with Vaseline everywhere! When u asked why? He said that now you can't catch me!