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The Funny Things Your Kids Say (Again!)

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Karol Lorenz

My three-year-old son: "Mommy, let me smell smell like hugging." (I get a big hug.) Daddy asks, "What do I smell like, buddy?" His response: "Like broccoli."

Eileen Miller Wilson

My daughter is autistic and non-verbal, but.....she brought me a box of baggies out of a kitchen drawer, which displayed a picture of the ziplock with strawberries in it, pointed at the strawberries and said "dis" (this) Molly Kate, 10yrs DS/ASD

Martie Amerson-Warren

After playing outside my 7 year old daughter Haley came inside and said "Whew!! I'm sweatting like a hamburger!!"-LOL!!

Mardi Steinitz O'Connor

My husband came home from work and asked our 3 year old if he liked wearing big boy underwear for the first time, his response was "No, they're too casual".

Bernadette Vidal ‎

5 y.o. was coloring a My Little Pony page. She reached for the red crayon, and colored it's eye red. "Someone took a picture of this pony, it got red eye, and they didn't photoshop it."

Catina Closson

My 6 month old was sitting on my lap facing me and my 6 year old was sitting on me side-saddle. My 6 month old leaned forward and tried to bite the button on my shirt in the chest area, and my 6 year old without missing a beat said, "Sissy, it's been too long. All that milk in there is expired."

Leslie Fields Oleschuk

In the car, on the way home from school, my 4 year old son said, "Mommy, my mouth is awesome." I said, "why is that?" He replied, " Because of all the words I can say and songs I can sing." :)

Shannon White Knowles

While driving through the campus of our local college my 5 year old watched a student drop a milk carton and leave the litter on the ground. My daughter then said to me, "That is not very responsible. That is littering. She looks like a grown up, but I don't think she really is". I thought is was such a true statement on many levels.